Amazing Thailand

Thailand is famous for its good food, and services at the RVYC are no exception. The club will serve delicious, healthy and nourishing Thai and international dishes throughout the regatta with its kitchens and professional chefs serving all meals during the event. During as prospective of the Championship the RVYC will host a number of parties for competitors and guests to enjoy.

These include:

  • Colourful Opening Ceremony
  • Beach Party
  • Nightly Access to Club and Facilities
  • Traditional Thai Closing Ceremony

A truly diverse and beautiful country with beaches, mountains, and many natural wonders. Also known as ‘The Land of Smiles’. Competitors and guests will be warmly welcomed.

The Eastern Seaboard is a popular holiday destination with family friendly attractions including floating markets, elephant camps, diving, and island day trips. Amazing shopping bargains abound as well.